Soap & Paper Dispensers

Peace of mind during testing times

SEKO’s manual and automatic hand soap, sanitizer and towel dispensers are an invaluable tool in the global fight against COVID-19, helping to ensure the highest standards of hand hygiene are achieved and maintained in buildings such as hospitals, supermarkets and food-production facilities.


Cleaning Chemical Dispensers

Precise chemical dilution for virus prevention

With COVID-19 capable of surviving on surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic for up to three days, it’s essential that the dilution and delivery of cleaning chemicals is accurate every time.


Cleaning & Disinfection Spray Systems

Comprehensive sanitization, during and post-COVID-19

For deep cleaning and disinfection during and following a pandemic such as COVID-19, SEKO has powerful spray and foam-cleaning solutions you can rely on for complete peace of mind.


Foaming Systems

Extended chemical contact time for deep cleaning and virus removal

Eradicating COVID-19 from vertical and hard-to-reach surfaces requires trusted professional foam systems from SEKO. These high-performance systems deliver rich, thick foam which clings to surfaces for outstanding cleaning performance, making them ideal for during and following contamination.


Portable Disinfection Systems

Taking cleaning and disinfection with you in an emergency

SEKO’s portable cleaning and disinfection solutions allow operators to sanitize temporary hospitals, trains, ambulances, corridors and any remote areas, making them an invaluable tool in the fight against COVID-19.


Scrubber Dryer Refill Systems

Speeding up the cleaning of critical areas

For keeping on top of virus control, floor cleaning must be performed with greater regularity, making SEKO’s fast scrubber dryer refilling systems an invaluable partner to the cleaning operative.


Laundry Systems

Professional dosing systems for disinfecting fabrics

For those operating in the healthcare, commercial and food-production sectors, it’s essential that workwear, bed linen, cloths and towels can be washed to the highest standard to help protect staff and the public from COVID-19.



These alarming statistics highlight the severity of COVID-19 and why preventing the spread this highly-infectious virus is critical.


of those infected with coronavirus are hospitalized.


fatality rate worldwide.


of infections occur in the Americas.


of the global population has been infected.

*Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Correct as of 2.7.2020.

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